Feature comparison

This is a comparison of Baker with similar solutions. Feedback and contributions to solutions not listed are most welcome.

Feature Baker Camunda Pega Netflix Conductor Uber Cadence Apache Airflow
Owned By ING Camunda PEGA Systems Netflix Uber Community
Primary Purpose Orchestration of (micro-)services Process Automation Workflow or case management Orchestration of (micro-)services Orchestration of long-running business logic Workflow of big-data pipelines
Typical Use Straight Through Processing (STP) Business Processes with Decision Making Business Processes with Decision Making STP STP Big data
Skill-set required Java, Kotlin, or Scala Java, Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) Pega-specific JSON Java Python, Bash
Execution Model Petri-net BPMN for workflows, Decision Model and Notation (DMN) for business rules Don’t know Queueing Theory Queueing Theory Graph Theory
In-memory processing Yes Yes No Yes No No
Data Persistence Event sourcing with Cassandra Relational DB via JDBC Relational Dedicated Storage (Dynomite) Cassandra N/A
Process Visualization Graphviz Based on BPMN Based on BPMN Dedicated UI No Dedicated UI
License Model Open-source Community Platform is open-source Pay per Case Open-source Open-source Open-source
Rich UI No Yes Yes Yes No Yes