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Loads the UCI Credit Card Dataset.

This dataset contains a sample of Default of Credit Card Clients Dataset.


from skorecard import datasets
df = datasets.load_uci_credit_card(as_frame=True)


Name Type Description Default
return_X_y bool

If True, returns (data, target) instead of a dict object.

as_frame bool

give the pandas dataframe instead of X, y matrices (default=False).


(pd.DataFrame, dict or tuple) features and target, with as follows:

  • if as_frame is True: returns pd.DataFrame with y as a target
  • return_X_y is True: returns a tuple: (X,y)
  • is both are false (default setting): returns a dictionary where the key data contains the features, and the key target is the target

Last update: 2021-11-24
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